We Aren’t Too Late


Let this not be the end of humanity—

for race is actually a social concept,

not biologically real.


There is no superior race.


So how does that make you feel?




That is the only difference.


Hating is corruption.

Fighting is ignorance.

And If we could leave it all behind,

racism…. we would never find.


You argue to fight for your race,

and you bring up body colour.

Tell me how is that any better?

It just felt a little bitter.


Racism against racism never ended well.

So what kind of story are you trying to tell?


Martin Luther King, Jr. once said:

“We must learn to live together as brothers

or perish together as fools.”


Let us not become the fools.


We came in the same way.

We are all human

with the same red blood running through our veins.

We live and we die.


Yet, we have separated us

and brought forth extreme hatred—

a judgement, based only on colour,

reacting in hurtful ways.


Are we too late to love everyone?

I’d like to think it’s still possible, in time—

as “life” is too short,

to live hating him or her.



Author’s Note: I come across zillions of news about racism everyday, and I simply cannot stand these. Usually, my anger doesn’t find ways to vent out. But I think I reached my breaking point all on a sudden and decided to pour my mind out when I read this news about a “racially aggravated incident” on a flight. Racism has become so rife everywhere, requiring all to take it more seriously now.