Today You Can’t Escape


Just as “oppression” has a ubiquitous language,

“people’s power” has its one too —

and when we speak it,

it is scary enough to demolish your dark, cold hands.


Today “one” is outnumbering you

because together we all are one;

today “ordinary” is haunting you

because together we’re more than ordinary.


You’re no more any part of us,

nothing more than parasites in our saga;

you’re just weaker scraps of darkness

waiting to be pierced by our bullets of light.


You can’t hide from us today,

you can’t run away —

because, you’ve become so heavy with your own sins

that you can’t even crawl anymore.



Author’s Note : The corrupt Romanian government has been misusing its power for so long and now we all are determined to bring an end to this anarchy. We demand absolute democracy. We demand laws that defend the mass people, not the corrupt politicians. Now that we people are united and out in the streets, we are confident to bring about a massive change.