Time Not To Back Out


I beg you–

when they ask for peace,

don’t heed whether they all are exhausted now,

don’t doubt whether new conspiracies are being woven now.


Because, asking for peace doesn’t happen with just one voice

and demanding a war to end is not just a single man’s wish–

crores of souls cry for it each day,

crores of hands pray for it each night.


Their hearts have remained cold for so long,

but now that those have started showing warmth,

do not push them away

only to crown your egos with a fallacious win.


Here is the time to break the unwanted silence,

here is the time to end the demons’ triumphs;

and if you still back out of the path of peace,

how are you any different from the ones you blame?


Have faith in humanity one more time,

listen to the words that innumerable hearts echo;

after all, nobody is a loser when trusting in humanity,

nobody is a loser when hankering after peace.



Author’s Note: Now is not the right time for any involved party to delay in establishing peace as the demand from North Korea to end the Korean War has sparkled a new light of hope among crores of peace-loving people across the world like me. We have waited long enough for peace and now this scope for a sustainable solution must be utilized by the concerned world leaders as soon as possible.