The Man of Peace


When you look at the starry sky,

look for the new, brighter one up there —

the one glistening with lights of hope,

the one mirroring our truest desire.


Ask the Kenyans what he was

when he was alive, not a distant star;

they’ll tell you that “peace” was

the only name they knew of their saviour.


With his slow yet strong words,

he preached among us the love of humanity,

marked his place forever in our hearts

with his messages of divine fraternity.


His body might have left the earth,

but his spirit will prevail aeon after aeon —

Annan, our hero,

we’ll never let you be forgotten….



Author’s Note : The news of death of Kofi Annan, the former Secretary of the United Nations and a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, generated deeper grief among us, the Kenyans, along with the whole world. He was truly a man of peace and possessor of noble personality. His bold and effective role during Kenya’s post-elective crisis in 2007-08 has placed him in a highly revered place in our hearts and we sincerely mourn his death. The teachings he has left behind will never fade away.