We know that poetry transcends time and space, but in order to have more significant place in our quotidian life, we believe that poetry needs to respond to surrounding events in a more timely manner. With this belief in mind, we are open to publish any poem during any weekday that responds to a significant incident or public event around the globe, and our submission deadline is usually 5–7 days since the day of occurrence. There is no submission/registration fee and our only publication criteria is the quality of your submission. People of any age, gender, race, religion from any corner of the world are welcome to submit poems expressing their mind about any concurrent event/incidence. It is to be noted that we don’t provide contributors with any monetary benefit for their poems.

Contributors are required to send one or two news links to the incidence/event they are responding to along with their poems and are encouraged to include a short note as well.


Send us your poems at :