Stressed and Depressed


You never know what’s going through a persons head,

What struggles are on their mind,

If you take a look inside,

You might be shocked with what you find.


The person with the biggest smile,

Can be dealing with the most pain,

The only way they cope?

By slicing through another vein,


The person that looks out for everybody,

May let out the most tears,

They may be fighting a losing battle,

And, Living with their fears.


Everyone has their own inner war,

No two minds are the same,

Some are unable to reach for help,

Because they feel that it brings shame,


Some people have been strong for so long,

But eventually find a time they can’t cope,

They try and find a way out,

And end up reaching for a rope,


Suffering in silence,

It can leave you isolated,

A person once so full of life,

Now left empty and deflated.


Some people never catch a clean break,

Their life is forever traumatic,

But they try to get on with things,

They feel that speaking out will look dramatic.


A world of pain,

It’s caused burning eyes,

A damaged liver,

And scarred thighs.


Ironic that physical pain,

Can be a help to your emotions,

Suffering in silence,

Not wanting attention or commotion,


Going to bed at night, praying,

That all your pain will go away,

You just want a bit of happiness,

To see a bright new day.


Some people hide it well,

Others let their emotions go,

Some move on quickly from it,

For others, It’s painful and slow,


There is nothing to be embarrassed about,

If your mind is a battlefield,

Realizing there is a problem,

Is the first step to getting healed,


Some people are blessed,

Many have to fight and protest,

Some have their issues addressed,

Some peoples minds are forever messed,

Some people achieve and progress,

While others deceive and regress,

These are the daily battles that face the stressed and depressed.


Author’s Note: Reading this news on urging the Federal Government not to continue to criminalize attempted suicide, I am again reminded that depression is a mental illness and people suffering from it deserve sympathy. Everybody is fighting their own battle, even if they look happy. Sometimes the most damaged souls hide behind a smile. When we are down, we usually fail to acknowledge the misfortune that others are potentially suffering.