“Stan The Man Lee”


I marvel at the man

who had the creation in his hand

who laid the very foundations of my youth

who was the mortal in us all

when our backs were to the wall

as we search to fight for justice and the truth

through every flipping page

throwing fury back at rage

it was the coming of the age to see on screen

from the nooks of comic books

all the heroes and the crooks

bring to life imagination and a dream

the magic of the mind

and the madness to unkind

neath the covers of a motion picture light

as a child to rest his head

through the spiders of a thread

I was the mask man in blackness of the night

you could never grasp or clutch

for all the millions that you’ve touched

when hope was biting up against the nails

for you always saved the dame

in this filthy city shame

just before it was to go right off the rails

from a certain life or death

with every gasping of the breath

light would shine into shadows of the dark

and play upon the fear

with a wheel fit to steer

like a train rushing through your cable heart

and though the sadness as it turns

as one candle brightly burns

I stand among the men a human torch

and to the sky I light your way

where the real heroes lay

and darkness is just waiting by the porch….



Author’s Note: I was so upset by the news of death of Stan Lee, the hero behind the heroes. For comic-lovers like me, the world will not remain the same. Rest in peace, maestro….