Refugees to Life


Once they had it all —

a silver moon with tempting grace,

an azure sky to call their own,

fitful breezes from distant place,

wildflowers blooming in the unkempt lawn.


And now like a long-forgotten tale,

all are vanished in the frosty air;

all are gone but a dreadful vale

of tears, hunger, and despair.


You call them refugees,

you let their children drown in the sea —

no resentment, no apologies,

only indulgence in your own lives of glee.


O behold the sons and daughters of the earth,

aren’t we all mere refugees to life?

Crawling towards death since our birth

along the edge of a bladed knife.


So, pull them closer to your hearts

to touch their ones — so scared and damp,

and whisper to them the truest words

that we all are same in life’s refugee camp.



Author’s Note : When I came across this headline yesterday, my mind was filled with deep empathy for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh one more time. It’s been a year since the Rohingyas was forced to leave Myanmar through its army’s brutality, but not much has taken place yet to fix this crisis. In order to make a worthy solution to this grave issue, the world humanity should reunite and raise its voice strongly against the oppressors. The Government of Myanmar must take full responsibilities for this massacre and  resettle the Rohingyas in their original abode.