Peace Is Waiting For Us


All the world is preaching peace,

yet involved in war;

everybody yearns for peace,

yet carrying the wound & its scar,

competing towards the devastating nuclear,

and excelling at sowing hatred & terror.


For some, peace is regarded as the enigma

that needs bloodshed before finding its clue —

the magic fruit in fairy tales that requires

dire tests, too.


No, it’s not true —

just look around you and say:

“what about designing a bomb that digs no tomb?

a bomb that sheds tolerance and scatters peace

to let humans make of love their currency ,

exchange smiles and live peacefully.”


It’s not difficult —

just let’s put hand in hand

as peace is when we kill our ego

and make of altruism our motto.



Author’s Note: The world leaders are uniting once more under the banner of United Nations to tackle the pressing world problems and this gives me tints of hope that everything will get back to the normal state soon and peace will prevail.