I Hope Death Was Kind To You

I hope death was kind to you,

Kind enough to put a fast, very fast end to the beautiful (or sorrowful) lives

That you were living.

I do not even know how to feel if it were not that kind,

If it kept you alive in that burning pan for hours

And sucked lives out of you bit by bit.

Did any thoughts crossed your mind

Other than praying for a quick death?

I will never know….

I wonder what if I have to go through the exact situation tomorrow.

I close my eyes and take deep breaths,

Still cannot stop thinking about your deaths.

Is it any better?



Author’s Note: My heart aches as I think of the dozens of people embracing cruel deaths due to a massive conflagration at Chawkbazar in the heart of old Dhaka, Bangladesh. I sincerely pray for the families who are bearing this sudden and painful loss. I hope that all countrymen will come forward to assist the government in implementing a sustainable solution soon, so that we do not have to face any such incident again.