Before we jump into what “Reactry” is, let’s take a closer look into how the concept of poetry is perceived in general. For most of us, “poetry” is the literary interplay of words and rhythm that evokes strong imagery as well as particular ideas which might be too complex or abstract to describe directly. More often than not, poetry is thought to be away from our day-to-day life and depicted as something much aesthetic in nature. Unlike other forms of visual and literary arts, poetry rarely becomes a part of our conversation (and even if it does anyway, that conversation is likely to be considered a cerebral one).

But, being a powerful medium of expression, shouldn’t poetry have a more significant place in our life? The practice of expressing own reactions to surrounding events and occurrences through poetry is not quite new, but we are yet to recognize it completely in a more general ground. To become a part of our daily conversation, poetry has to respond in a timely manner to the current events. This doesn’t necessarily mean poetry should replace literary non-fictions, rather poetry can add a newer dimension in this regard.

“Reactry” is all about this aforementioned genre of poetry. It is an online platform dedicated to¬†reaction + poetry¬†(as we love to call it). We cordially welcome you all to explore this site for more.

Have a great day!